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Real Estate in RosaritoReal Estate in Rosarito

If you are shopping for a first or second property, look no further Rosarito real estate has everything you could want, fun nightlife, grocery stores, and close proximity to the border. Rosarito has lots for sale as well so you can build your dream house for about half what it would cost to build in California. If you are looking for a property for sale in Rosarito contact one of the many Rosarito Real estate agents and the will show you properties for sale in Rosarito or a lot in Rosarito. There are several real estate agents and agencies in Rosarito that will assist you in the buying or renting process. Below is a list of real estate agents or agencies located in Rosarito, Baja.


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Rosarito Inn Luxury Condo Style Hotel in Rosarito Beach Baja California Mexico

Rosarito Inn

Beautiful beach community is the perfect getaway to vacation or retire. We are located only 20 minutes south of the border in Rosarito.


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