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Rosarito Activities

Activities in Rosarito
There are plenty of things to see and do in Rosarito. In Rosarito horseback riding can be found at the end of the town. Rosarito also offers world class golfing and surfing...

Rosarito Attractions

Attractions in Rosarito
There are plenty of things to see in Rosarito such as Foxploration, this is were the movie Titanic was filmed, they offer daily tours, visit the lobster village of Puerto Nuevo...

Rosarito Shops and Markets

Shops and Markets in Rosarito
Rosarito’s main street is the best place in Baja California to buy handcrafted Mexican furniture, arts and crafts, leathers, silver, pottery and blankets...

Events and Festivals in Rosarito

Events and Festivals in Rosarito
In Rosarito there are several events and festivals. Every August there is a lobster festival that takes place in Guadalupe Valley or the Rosarito Enseanda Bike Ride...

Rosarito Wedding Information

Wedding Information
With it's year-round perfect weather Rosarito has several amazing spots for a wedding. Rosarito offers experienced wedding planning professionals and consultants...



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